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Urban Surface Protection
Urban Surface Protection Ltd provide a range of protective treatments for all types of porous stone and building products, including pavements, walls, structures, monuments, and a specific treatment for granite protection. 
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  The surface treatments provide a shield against food staining, grease penetration, oil, diesel, algae & moss formation, and even helps with chewing gum removal.  USP application prolongs surface life, maintains aesthetics, and allows the surface to be cleaned more efficiently and to a far higher standard.  

Urban Surface Protection Ltd have a protective treatment for your surface needs including:
USP1 for horizontal surfaces (The Award Winning)
USP2 for all vertical substrates
USP3 for granite 
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All USP treatments are surface impregnators which means there is no change in the aesthetic look, feel, or slip of the surface, whilst remaining moisture vapour permeable, allowing the surface to breath.  All USP surface treatments are
guaranteed to work for a minimum of a 5 year period!

All USP treatments are fully compliant with the council of "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals"
(REACH), as required by law from 01.12.2010.
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Obtaining the benefits of a USP protection could not be easier.  You can either purchase the material directly and apply to yourself, or you can allow Urban Surface Protection to undertake cleansing and USP application. 
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Urban Surface Protection manufacture the USP range at a dedicated manufacturing facility, and we guarantee that you wont find a better solution, service or price in the UK. 
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