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Urban Surface Protection Ltd provide a range of fully REACH compliant protective treatments covering all types of natural and man made stone.  All  treatments provide protection which is guaranteed to last for 5 years, extending the life of the stone, allowing the stone's cleaning to become easier and efficient. 
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USP3: NEW: For granite surfaces Click to read more on USP3 and its benefits

All USP surface protection products are surface impregnators, which means that fluropolymer maps the topography of the stone's capillaries.  Once the surface is impregnated with a USP protective treatment all ingression of liquids and solids are prevented from penetrating the surface pores. This makes cleaning and maintenance of the stone much easier, as only the stone's surface needs to be cleaned, and not the stone pores and capillaries. 

USP treatmen
ts allow the surface to be moisture vapour permeable, allowing the surface to continue breathing.  USP treatments do not change the appearance of the surface, do not create a glossy sheen, and do not affect the surface's slip.  USP treatments provide invisible protection without changing the appearance with enhanced surface performance.   

By investing in a USP protection you are prolonging the life and look of the surfaces you treat.  Furthermore ensuring the surface stays looking its best for longer, reducing cleaning frequency and intensity required to restore the surface back to its natural state.

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