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USP Treatments are REACH Compliant
On 20th May 2010 a new European directive went live amending regulation number 1907/2006  of the European Parliament, changing the regulations and appropriate actions for all involved with chemical substances.
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  A new 16 section 47 sub-section material safety data sheet is now required by law for all chemicals used within the UK and across Europe.  This document is designed to deliver the user/consumer with a more more enhanced visible disclosure of the chemical composition and risks associated with its use.
The council of the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations legislation must be adhered to by all chemical manufacturers and suppliers.

Urban Surface Protection as a company and its products confirm to the new regulations.

For further information upon REACH, its requirements, and non compliancy punishments, please see the below websites:

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