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USP1 and Aggregate Industries in 2009 award for Innovation
Urban Surface Protection and Aggregate Industries were awarded for the: Charcon Stone master treated with USP1, with the first prize for innovation in 2009.
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  The judges suggested that the treated surface is; "a self-cleaning sealant that protects against day-to-day surface contamination within normal cleaning operations without the need of specialist cleaning companies"

Click to see the information on the British pre Cast Concrete Federation's website.
USP treated surfaces protect against contaminates

In 2009 USP1 was awarded first prize for "innovation" by the British Pre Cast Concrete

When making the financial investment of installing new paving, it is prudent to protect the investment by ensuring that it does not quickly become stained, blemished, and dirty looking.  It is also important to maximise the time in which the paving looks new, and to ensure that cleaning maintenance is as easy and achievable as possible. 

For a fraction of the paving price, and at a one off cost, a USP treatment will help ensure your surface looks as you intend for years to come.   

USP prevents almost all surface contaminates from ingression, including:
Oil, Fats, Grease, Drink Spillages, Bird Droppings, & almost any other blemish
USP also prevents the development and adherence of other problematic blemishes including:
Chewing Gum, Moss, & Algae

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