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USP3 Granite Protection
USP3 is the ultimate granite protector and provides a solution which is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years, extending the life of the granite paving, and allows cleaning to become more easy and effective.
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  USP3 is a REACH compliant, specialist granite impregnator which provides invisible protection by making the granite stone non porous, forming an impenetrable barrier against surface contaminants without effecting surface colour and anti slip properties.  By protecting the pores of the surface,  previously difficult and expensive contaminants to remove are now quickly and cost effectively cleansed away, without specialised cleaning requirements.

USP3 is specifically designed for granite, ensuring the surface topography is 100% saturated and effective.

Newly laid granite is premier surface. However if untreated, granite will soon accrue stains and blemishes which penetrate deep into the pavement interstices and can become impossible to remove.  USP3 prevents this deterioration beyond repair and allows easy cleaning maintenance of the surface. . 

USP3 prevents almost all surface contaminates from ingression, including:
Oil, Fats, Grease, Drink Spillages, Bird Droppings, & almost any other blemish
USP also prevents the development and adherence of other problematic blemishes including:
Chewing Gum, Moss, & Algae

By investing in a USP protection you are prolonging the life and look of your granite.  Furthermore, you are ensuring the surface stays looking its best for longer, and reducing the cleaning frequency and intensity required to restore the surface to its natural state.
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